So yesterday was a complete bust.

I tried, I really did, but no matter what I did I just could not seem to make any progress on Flibitz (our upcoming iOS release). Development of this game has gone very smoothly overall, but yesterday was not my friend.

Rachel has designed the bulk of the levels so far, and she is doing a great job. The problem is that when she started, I had not committed to the exact “safe area” I would need around the edges of the screen for user interface elements. The only guidance I could give her was, “don’t put stuff too close to the edge of the screen.” I looked at her level concepts and gave them the thumbs up, but the UI ended up taking more space than originally planned.

Worst Acronym Ever

No big deal, right? Just shift things around a bit, but oops…these minor changes broke almost every puzzle in the game. That was bad enough, but the salt in the wound was that I didn’t even know what the original solutions were before making the changes. All I could do was to play them and try to see if they were still possible. Eventually we got it all sorted out and Rachel’s original vision for the puzzles remained largely intact. (This was about two months ago.)

Obviously, the very next thing I did was to write down the new solutions…

Except that I didn’t. No excuse. I just didn’t get it done, and yesterday, history repeated itself all over my Saturday. It was pretty disgusting.

So the moral of the story is summed up with the worst acronym ever: MSYAKTSTYOPBIFDYWLDAWABOT (make sure you always know the solutions to your own puzzles because if you don’t you will look dumb and waste a bunch of time)