Postmortem: Roller Bomber

I’m really happy with how this game turned out. For some reason, this one just kind of flowed, which is a welcomed change from last month’s game, which was like pulling proverbial teeth. (Proverbial teeth are even harder to pull than regular teeth, I’ve been told.)

If you’d like to give Roller Bomber a try, CLICK HERE to go to the landing page.

Recently, some of the games I have done for have been more about working at a particular aspect of development—art, music, etc. I’ve learned a lot with this approach, but not all of them turned into games that I could really be proud of. But in my opinion, “Roller Bomber” is just plain fun!



The pixel art is not terribly advanced, but I think it works. Up until about six months ago I had never done any pixel art at all, so I’m definitely pleased with my progress.

I’m also starting to develop a music style that I really like. It’s kind of percussive and chaotic, with a lot of dissonance, but it sets an interesting mood for the game.

One cool thing about this game is how the aesthetic was inspired by some unintended physics. I was mostly focusing on getting the basic mechanics up and running, not really worrying that the physics feel was a little weird. The guy kind of slid around on the ground.

It felt strange, not like he was walking, but more like he was…on roller-skates! So I added some roller skates and a rocket on his back, and it totally worked! I don’t think I even had to tweak the physics at all.

This was an especially important month for me because, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have been in a creative dry spell. On top of that, I have spent the last couple of weeks dealing with some health issues.

This is the 10th consecutive month that I have submitted a game to In the last couple of months I have had several times where I was sure that I would not be able to complete a game. It feels good to have struggled with that and to have come out the other side successfully.

Game 11 will be whatever I end up making for Ludum Dare 34. After that I am planning to finish out my year by making Part 2 of Journey to the Center of the Sun.