My Shiny New Blog

Hi. I’m Chad.

I’m half of an indie game company called Lava Monkey Games…the scruffy looking, baldheaded half, that is. The other half (my wife, Rachel), has much more hair than I do and absolutely no beard whatsoever.

I’m in charge of game design, coding, art, sound, and coffee consumption. Rachel manages the business, legal, and marketing aspects of the company, as well as holding down the fort while I disappear into the “code cave” for entire weekends at a time.

We’re also the parents of two young boys, and we both have full-time jobs (.Net development for me, and she’s Director of Operations for an auto recycling company). This all adds up to a pretty hectic day-to-day experience, but it’s a ton of fun.

This blog has three primary purposes:

  • Sharing development ideas, insights, and experiences
  • Connecting with other indie developers and artists
  • Shameless self-promotion

Sharing development experiences, ideas, and insights

These will be code snippets, design patterns, concepts, and development techniques that I’ve found helpful. Be forewarned: I plan on geeking out consistently and thoroughly, and I’ll be taking you with me.

Connecting with other indie developers and artists

I’ve heard rumors that there is world outside of the home where I live, work, eat, sleep, and play Super Meat Boy. I’m not fully convinced that this is in fact true, but I intend to find out. So don’t be surprised if from time to time I blog about other independent game developers, musicians, and people who make various kinds of art. If you are someone who falls into any of these categories, I’d love to speak with you and blog about what you do.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Aside from this Atari 2600 game…which has sold literally DOZENS of copies worldwide…I’ve never offered a game for sale, and that is something that I intend to change. Periodically, I will use this blog to make announcements about upcoming game releases and other news related to Lava Monkey Games. Many of our games will be completely free (especially games that I make for and Ludum Dare), but some will cost money. All I ask is that you never hesitate to throw thousands upon thousands of your hard-earned dollars my way, so that I can one day build my dream home…on Mars. Fair enough?

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. Let’s do this again soon, shall we?