Makin’ Levels


Yup…that’s what I’m doin’…makin’ levels, from sunup to sundown. Makin’ levels lickety split, faster ‘n a tumbleweed in a torn-nader!!!

Sorry, I’ve recently gotten back into playing the Deadlands tabletop RPG, and the voice in my head has turned into that of a cowboy/gunslinger/ghost rock prospector. I will try to restrain myself.

So anyway, now that I’m done moving and done making excuses, it’s time to finish making this game. Aside from a short punch list of mostly minor issues, the levels are the only thing left.

Flibitz will have 48 levels, 30 of which are now done.

It’s good to be working on this game again! Sometimes when I lay aside a creative project for a while and then come back to it, it feels completely alien to me. Not this time. I just jumped right back in, and the ideas flowed.

It was never my intention to leave so much of the level design to the end. Honestly, doing that is pretty stupid and risky.

What if the mechanics that I’ve created didn’t provide enough variety?
What if the game didn’t lend itself to creating a proper difficulty curve?
What if it turned out that the game just wasn’t fun to play?

Well, sir, I’ll tell ye! I believe we done dodged all them thar bullets pardner’!!! I recon that…

Ok, I’ll really stop this time.

Also, now that we are settled into the new house/office, I’ve got my audio recording setup back. So it seems appropriate to give Flibitz’s audio a little more love. I like the overall feel of the music that’s in the beta version, but I can (and will) do better.

Well that’s it for now.

(I was thinking of ending with another Deadlands-ism, but if you’ve managed to overlook them this long, I think you deserve a break.)