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Welcome to the home of the “Live from Barsaive” podcast, about the excellent Earthdawn tabletop RPG from FASA Games.

Join us each week as we delve into the amazing source material for our favorite RPG!

Whether you are a player or a GM, we ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that you’ll come away from this show with something helpful to use the next time you’re at the gaming table.*

*This is not a guarantee.

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Live from Barsaive: Episode 11

Episode 11 Highlights Include: Not our usual format, more of a freeform interview. Rachel’s brother, Everett, discusses his “extreme” modding and house rules of Earthdawn. The airing of grievances. How to be a Windling accountant. Who are we kidding? This episode is freeform, an unordered list is futile. FASA Games …

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Live from Barsaive: Episode 10

Episode 10 Highlights: Continuing our series on The Serpent River. T’skrang only Boatman discipline What makes Rachel want to “get all smacky.” How to get kicked out of the floating city of V’strimon on Lake Ban Crazy, drunk, and unreliable Windling messengers. Chatting with Fire Elementals. https://lavamonkeygames.com/podcastfiles/LiveFromBarsaive_010.mp3Podcast: Play in new …

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Live from Barsaive: Episode 9

Episode 9 Highlights: Lots of detail about the soon-to-be-released source book on the City of Travar Info about the upcoming 4th Edition Earthdawn Companion: High-circle talents, alchemy, creature “masks” system, and much more Other upcoming source books: “Questors and Passions” and “Elven Nations” How to submit adventures and source books …

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Live from Barsaive: Episode 8

Some Highlights Include: Part 2 in our series on The Serpent River. Special guest, Rachel’s brother, Everett. Overview of the T’skrang houses, and how to work them into your campaign. Chad and Rachel both mispronounce “Omasu,” with a clever use of vowels. How Kevin Costner is like the Silver necklace …

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Live from Barsaive: Episode 7

Some Highlights Include: Part 1 of a 4 part series on the Serpent River and the T’Skrang An overview of the Serpent River setting. How to be a civilized pirate. Another shameless plug, this time for our new merchandise store Lava Monkey Merch Store https://lavamonkeygames.com/podcastfiles/LiveFromBarsaive_007.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | …

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Live from Barsaive: Episode 6

Part 2 of our RPG Squad interview with special guests Sloan and Hussman, Windling Attorneys at Law Episode 6 Highlights: Monkey Fishing How to weave threads to your underwear Hussman talks about his development experience with FASA Gaming snacks that will definitely kill you Rachel brags about her Tekken/laser tag …

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Live from Barsaive: Episode 5

Episode 5 Highlights: We got to hang out with our buddies Krendar and Dakota, from RPG Squad! Chad’s accidental but repeated snubbing of the FASA staff In depth discussion of our favorite 4th Edition rules changes An impromptue discussion of another of our favorite RPG’s, “Deadlands” IMPORTANT! We made a …

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Live from Barsaive: Episode 4

Episode 4 Highlights: Overview of airship rules Tips for using airships in your campaigns Roleplaying the Air Sailor discipline How to unbalance a campaign (and why you shouldn’t) Your Humble Game Master YouTube channel about various tabletop RPG’s, including Earthdawn https://lavamonkeygames.com/podcastfiles/LiveFromBarsaive_004.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android …

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Live from Barsaive: Episode 3

Episode 3 Highlights: Part 2 of 3 in our series on the Twilight Peaks setting How chiropractors are like highland trolls 1879: Go pledge the Kickstarter even though Chad botched the explanation of the game Chad’s experience of making one game per month for an entire year www.onegameamonth.com Kickstarter campaign …

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Live from Barsaive: Episode 2

We’re back for another episode! (actually we recorded it the same night) Some highlights include: How to tell if someone is a tabletop gamer. Chad says “uh” and “ah” about a million times, but we’ll cut him some slack because he is new at this. Highland Troll culture. History of …

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