Live from Barsaive: Podcast Announcements and Company News

I just wanted to update everyone on the status of the podcast.

The Bad News

In case you missed my recent Twitter rant, here is the summary:

  1. I broke my foot
  2. Broken feet swell a lot and need to be kept elevated
  3. Unless I hang from the rafters like a bat, long stretches at my computer are currently problematic
  4. As a result, we’re slowing down on the podcast

The Good News

The good news is that Live from Barsaive is not going anywhere. Barring any additional calamities, we’ll be finishing the Earthdawn Crash Course series and posting it sometime this weekend, or early next week at the latest.

The other very good news is that I should not need surgery on my foot as I previously thought. The doctor also said that it’s common for the swelling to subside after about a week. I injured my foot five days ago, so it sounds like I should be able to be back to a normal schedule very soon.

…but here’s the thing…

As much as we love doing the podcast, for multiple reasons we are planning to scale back on the frequency of the episodes. Some of the reasons are due to temporary situations, some are more ongoing.

The most immediate concern is that Rachel needs to have carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. When she is fully recovered this will be a very positive thing for her. In the meantime, before she regains full use of her hands, I will be doing the bulk of the day to day stuff, still on a broken foot. We’ll be fine, but Earthdawn has temporarily dropped several notches on the priority list.

As for the ongoing issues, the main problem is that the podcast takes more of our time than we thought it would. We love doing the podcast and are not remotely thinking of quitting, but we do need to find a way for it to fit into our life better.

I am currently (or more accurately, continually) in the process of learning new software development skills. In this industry, stagnation is not an option. The constant learning is probably the main thing that I love about programming, but hours invested here can’t also be invested somewhere else.

The other, somewhat overlapping issue, is that since releasing Flibitz in October, I have done very little game development of any kind. A little break was nice, but we can’t afford to be a game company that doesn’t make games.

What’s Next?

We primarily do Live from Barsaive out of our love for Earthdawn, but we do also see it is a part of our evil mustache-twisting plan for world domination. Our business plan looks something like this:

  1. Talk about an amazing game people have actually heard of
  2. Mention in passing that we make games
  3. Slowly but surely build an army of ravenous fans
  4. Profit?

So to tie all of these goals together…upping my dev skills, creating games, and supporting the tabletop RPG community…we’re refocusing.

The bulk of my energy will be going toward working on our upcoming tabletop/app hybrid RPG. This project does not yet have an official title, but I am code-naming it “Fracture” (so as to indicate that, while my foot is broken, my spirit is not). I’m excited about the game itself, but this will also be an opportunity for me to put a variety of design and development skills to use. I will be blogging and tweeting more about this project in the upcoming months.

As for Live from Barsaive, we plan to keep doing what we’re doing…going through the major settings of the Earthdawn universe one at a time…but probably with breaks of a few weeks or a month in between each series. I thought about dropping it back to every other week, but I think this approach is better. We’ll release each series as weekly episodes, take a break to regroup, then start on the next series.


This new approach has its trade-offs, but I think it’s better on balance.

If the reduced podcast frequency has left a Barsaive-shaped hole in your life, check out “RPG Squad’s” Earthdawn actual play on YouTube, and the “Legends of Earthdawn” actual play podcast, coming sometime in May, 2017.

NOTE: I had previously announced that I would be participating in the Legends of Barsaive actual play, but I broke my foot less than 24 hours before the first session. I am hoping, at some point, to join the campaign, but I will have to see how things go. In any case, I will be listening.