Live from Barsaive: Episode 8

Some Highlights Include:

  • Part 2 in our series on The Serpent River.
  • Special guest, Rachel’s brother, Everett.
  • Overview of the T’skrang houses, and how to work them into your campaign.
  • Chad and Rachel both mispronounce “Omasu,” with a clever use of vowels.
  • How Kevin Costner is like the Silver necklace of the Henghyoke.
  • Lou Prosperi

    Another fun episode. Listened to this one on the plane to Disney World.

    Repeat after me: O – MA – SU. šŸ˜€

    And I believe you pronounced House Henghyoke correctly. At least that’s how I pronounced it.

    Take care!

    • Yeah, I heard the “Omasa” mistake when I went back an listened to it. I’m not positive, but I think we said it correctly when he came up during the Twilight Peaks series.

      I think I know what happened, and it’s kind of a funny story…I use Evernote for my show notes, and it autocorrected “Omasu” to “Omaha.” I think I saw it do that and went back to correct it, but somehow I only corrected the “s” and not the “u”.

      Then, after prepping, we didn’t record it for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t fresh on my mind and didn’t jump out at me (Omasu has never been a part of any campaign I have run), and I just read it straight from the notes.

  • Eric Mansfield

    Speaking of the “Use a Talent successfully before you can advance it” rule, this is one we’re house-ruling for RPG Squad. We wanted to keep the rule somewhat, but it didn’t make sense to us that you have to do it successfully to be able to learn from it. So our rule is “You have to use the Talent before advancing its rank.” Period. Because even if you fail at using it, that’s usually even more educational than succeeding, isn’t it?

    • Yeah, I remember you mentioning that. I think having some form of this rule makes perfect sense from a setting point of view. I just always found it frustrating for players.

      Progressing through the circles takes such a long time anyway, especially if you can only play a couple times per month. It just felt like additional drag, so I always ignored it. That definitely sacrificed some realism, but everyone had more fun.

      Then again, I used to also ignore some rules out of pure laziness. I blame the developers, really. It’s their fault for making a system that is flexible enough that I CAN wing everything. It would be a shame to let that go to waste. šŸ™‚

      • Eric Mansfield

        Darn them for making such a good game mechanics system XD

        I’m in a bit of a good example of such a spot now actually. Spirit Talk at Rank 1. That’s not a Talent you can just use every day!