Live from Barsaive: Episode 6

Part 2 of our RPG Squad interview with special guests Sloan and Hussman, Windling Attorneys at Law

Episode 6 Highlights:

  • Monkey Fishing
  • How to weave threads to your underwear
  • Hussman talks about his development experience with FASA
  • Gaming snacks that will definitely kill you
  • Rachel brags about her Tekken/laser tag chops

Links for Chris Hussey (Hussman):
Gamers Behaving Badly Audio Comedy
It Figures: Episode I – The Parental Menace

Links for Sloan (Unlucky Desperado):

  • Telarus, KSC

    Sweet, I just finished ep 5. 😀

    • Cool, good timing. This one was a lot of fun. Those RPG Squad guys are pretty entertaining.

      • Lava Monkey Games

        It WAS a lot of fun. Looking forward to working RPG Squad again! Hope you all enjoy the podcast!

        • Eric Mansfield

          I for one would definitely like to, as well, and I’m sure the others would agree 😀

  • Lou Prosperi

    Another fun episode. It was cool to hear from Chris Hussey (I was at FASA when he worked on BattleTech and Shadowrun). Plus, cool Earthdawn stories are always fun.

    That said…

    PLEASE take the following comments in the spirit of constructive criticism (which is how I intend them):

    This episode seemed a little disjointed and unfocused compared to the previous episodes. There was very little in terms of introduction or setting the stage (or to use Imagineering Pyramid language, it had no Establishing Shot). It just jumped into introducing your guests without you explaining why listeners should care about what they have to say. When we create content, it’s easy to forget that our audience doesn’t always approach things from the same vantage point, and anything you can do to bridge the gap only helps make your content come across better.

    One thing you might want to consider is having a standard opening spiel in which you explain the podcast, who you are, and introduce your guests (if applicable) each episode. While it’s a safe bet most people listening will know what the podcast is about, it can’t hurt to set the stage in each episode.

    Looking forward to future episodes!

    Take care!

    • Lou,

      Thanks for the input. I’ve been getting some similar advice from others also, so we’re definitely going to be doing some tuning of our approach.

      I’m currently reading the Imagineering Pyramid, and I’m finding a lot there that can apply to the podcast and to some other projects I’m working on. I’m still reading it and trying to absorb everything, but I’m definitely seeing some ways that the podcast could be more focused.

      When we first started thinking about doing a podcast, I wrestled with how to approach it, going back and forth a lot. In the end, we just decided to give it a shot, get some listener feedback, and do some course corrections on the way.

      We’ve got maybe three episodes or so already recorded, so it may take a bit before you hear a change in the overall tone, but we’re definitely listening to feedback, learning, and adapting. Thanks.

      • Lou Prosperi

        Hi Chad,

        I think the first few episodes have been really fun, and overall I think you and Rachel have done a great job. This last episode just felt a little looser than the others, and thought it worth mentioning.

        Thanks for the kind words about The Imagineering Pyramid, and I’m glad to hear (or read, I suppose) that you’re thinking of applying some of the principles in the book to you “creative idea” (that *is* the point, after all).



        • The upside is that I think we have some energy in the podcast, it’s just unfocused. On the whole, that’s probably easier to fix than the alternative…having a well-structured but lifeless show.

          I’ve spent some time prepping the Earthdawn info, so that I remember which Trollmoot does what, etc., but I’m going to start making a point of giving more thought to the overall structure.

          This is definitely a work in progress, and I’m learning a lot. Thanks for your help.

          • Lou Prosperi

            I agree 100%, The things I mentioned are all quick and easy fixes (you can pre-record a speil about the show, create a show outline template that includes the speil/introduction, etc.).