Live from Barsaive: Episode 23

We are back! In our first post-Irma episode, we continue our journey through Parlainth.

Highlights Include:

  • Parlainth’s return to the world
  • The founding of Haven
  • Torgak attacks adventurers, and other misstatements by Chad and Rachel

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  • Lou Prosperi

    Glad to have you back! Another fun episode.

    When you were talking about the PCs having to pay the Haven Gate guards if they have to fight any creatures that come through the gate, a scenario like the following came to mind:

    The PCs come back into Haven, being chased by some critters and what appears to be a Name-Giver (yes, I still hyphenate this word!) of a sort, and the guards move to help. As the guards take up arms, they sigh as if to say, “this again?” and start to dispatch the critters, but then the Name-Giver unleashes an arcane blast of some sort that kills one or more of the guards and then vanishes, thanking the PCs for letting him out of Parlainth.

    I have no idea who the “Name-Giver” is and how/why he was imprisoned. I leave it to the GM to decide those details, as well as how the PCs lead to its escape….



    • That does sound fun. Another twist on this idea would be a Horror that does some kind of spell, not just to disguise itself as a Name-Giver, but to disguise the players as horror constructs. The players would have to convince the guards that they are not really cadavermen (or whatever) or dispel the magic before the guards take them out.

  • matiqba

    Hi. Got one question and cant find answer. Can you wear more than one armor? Eg blood pebble and Hide armour?

    • Maybe somebody else can correct me if I have missed anything, but I don’t know of any specific rule for this. So if you want to allow stacking multiple sets of armor, I would consider that a house rule.

      Here is my take on it, but take it with a grain of salt and do whatever works best for your game…

      I suspect that you would run into some balance issues if you just allowed this across the board. The assumption in the rules seems to be that characters will only wear one at a time. If you allow characters to “stack” multiple pieces, that would probably end up being a no-brainer choice for all of the characters to do all the time, and some enemies may end up being much easier to defeat than intended.

      Another point to consider is that if doubling up on armor can be done easily with no major drawbacks, then the player characters would probably be running into enemies that do the same (if this were a common tactic in the game world). At that point, you’d probably be better off saying “let’s just say you can’t and save us all the trouble.” At a minimum, I would apply some pretty hefty step penalties.

      I could see this possibly being useful in some specialty situations though. For example, if you are transporting a wounded character on a wagon through a dangerous area. The players decide to equip them with some plate armor and then attach multiple layers of padded leather on top of that. If the players come up with a creative solution to a one-time problem, I’ll let them bend the rules, but I’m always pretty careful when it comes to allowing permanent changes to core things that will affect every session.

      Again, though, as long as everyone agrees and it’s working, then you can do whatever you want. If everyone is having fun then you’re doing it right.

      • Josh Harrison

        Officially (at least in 4th Edition), you can’t layer armor.

  • Telarus, KSC

    Good episode! Welcome back!

    • Thanks. I think at this point we have had more interruptions than episodes. Hopefully we will be reversing that trend soon.