Live from Barsaive: Episode 22

Finally, the long-overdue interview with Lou Prosperi, Earthdawn 1st Edition Line Developer, author, and friend of the podcast.

Highlights Include:

  • Lou tells us what it was like to develop Earthdawn
  • We discuss “The Imagineering Pyramid” and how you can use it in your creative projects
  • Rachel and Lou discuss the finer points of Disney theme park design while Chad tries to keep up

See the overview of The Imagineering Pyramid here.

Order The Imagineering Pyramid from Amazon

  • Lou Prosperi

    Thanks for having me on the podcast! I had a great time chatting with you both.

    I probably rambled a bit here and there, but hopefully people enjoy our discussion.

    If anyone has any questions about anything we talked about, including Earthdawn, The Imagineering Pyramid, or Disney Parks in general, I’ll do my best to answer.

    Thanks again!

    • Eric Mansfield

      But rambling is why you’re here! To talk to everyone 😀

    • If it has less than three Kevin Costner mentions, it ain’t rambling.

  • Lou Prosperi

    I just finished listening to the Earthdawn portion of our discussion, and since I mentioned the Dragons book. I thought I would point listeners to the PDF of the Earthdawn 1E Dragons book. You can find it here:

    Was just reading through bits of it. I really wished we could have published this. It would have been a great way to cap off FASA’s run.

    Take care!

  • Josh Harrison

    I haven’t had time to listen to the full episode yet, but I did get through the first half or so.

    I would probably /kill/ to get access to that box of stuff that ended up with Living Room. It’s a shame that it may very well be lost to history at this point.

    Fortunately, I am on decent enough terms with Lou that he entertains my questions about stuff when they come up. 🙂

    • Lou Prosperi

      The LRGames folks may still have the box, but I’m not sure how’d you’d get in touch with them.

      And as you know, I’m always happy to talk about the original plans and ideas about Earthdawn history, metaplot, etc 🙂

  • Jeffrey Rockwood

    You forgot the most important part, and that was to ask how to pronounce things.

    • Good point. Maybe I could get Lou to back me up on oriCHALcum. Pretty sure I’m right and the rest of humanity is wrong.

      • Lou Prosperi

        Sorry Chad… I’m pretty sure it’s oriCALcum.

        And oMAsu

        And nETHermancer (not nEETHermancer)

        And the “t” should be pronounced in t’skrang

        And Iopos (not Yopos)

        And traVAR

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