Live from Barsaive: Episode 18

Part 3 of 3, of our Earthdawn Crash Course series

  • Tips for character creation
  • Choosing a race and discipline
  • What chapters to read before your first game session, and what to leave for later

“Legends of Earthdawn” actual play podcast

  • Samules

    Awesome! I just remembered how much I like your theme music. 😛

    • Thank you!

      When I wrote it, I was a little concerned that it didn’t sound very Earthdawn-ish, but it’s the type of music that I used to play/write when I first got into Earthdawn in the 90’s. So it is Earthdawn-ish in an autobiographical way, I guess.

  • Lou Prosperi

    Welcome Back!

    Great to hear another episode, and glad to hear you’re working things out so you can keep up a regular schedule of episodes without it dominating your lives.

    When you were offering recommendations for creating characters (making sure you allocate your attributes appropriately based on your discipline, etc.) I kept thinking to myself, “unless you want a character that goes against type” for instance a Swordmaster or Thief with an average Dexterity. I know it’s an unusual tactic for most RPGs, but characters that are less-than competent are sometimes far more fun to play.

    I liked the quick rundown of the various ED1 materials – it’s quite gratifying knowing that those books still have value to ED players after all these years.



    • Yeah, that’s true. I guess from a roleplaying perspective, it could be interesting to play a character that is balanced in kind of a non-standard way. I just wanted to avoid a situation I have seen a couple of times with new players, where they don’t understand the implications and, for example, end up with a spellcaster who is almost incapable at casting spells. But after understanding the ins and outs, it definitely could be cool to create characters that go against the norm.

      My major reservation against moving to 4th edition was a concern that my 1st edition books would somehow become obsolete. I was very happy to see the extent to which the newer material is compatible with the original books. We have been playing 4th edition rules for several months now. Sometimes there is some tweaking needed, but for the most part those older books still work as a solid foundation for Earthdawn.

      We don’t really talk about anything other than 1st and 4th though, but that’s just because those books came out during a time when I wasn’t playing Earthdawn. I’m assuming there is probably some good stuff in them also, but I’m still trying to digest my gigantic 1st edition collection, along with the 4th edition stuff as it comes out.

      • Lou Prosperi

        Hi Chad,

        I completely understand your point about making sure the players don’t get frustrated.



  • Telarus, KSC

    Welcome back!

    • Thanks! It’s good to be back.

      • Telarus, KSC

        Interested to hear more about the RPG app game. 🙂

        • So far most of our work has been on the design concept/goals. The goal is to make a game that is easier to play in small chunks, with little to no prep. In some ways it will be similar to other rules-light systems (we are considering building it on the Freeform Universal system), but we want to take it further…

          We’ve got some ideas for helping to manage the campaign, for example, a self-generating wiki, created by the app as you play. We have also discussed some ways to make it so that you can still play even if one or more members of your normal group can’t make it on a particular day. So basically making individual sessions more modular, but still having some ways to have a sense of an ongoing campaign.

          I’m also looking forward to adding elements that are difficult to do in a traditional RPG, like having secret information that even the GM doesn’t know, revealed by the app as you play.

          There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the overall idea as it stands right now (very, very early in development).