Live from Barsaive: Episode 15

Episode 15 Highlights:

  • Chad is joined by special guest, Mr. Johnson, of the Arcology Podcast
  • Mr. Johnson makes a big announcement
  • Lots of great info about Shadowrun
  • 400 percent less coughing than in previous episodes

Legends of Earthdawn, actual play podcast
The Arcology Podcast (Shadowrun)

  • Samules

    Mr. Johnson is running an Earthdawn campaign or three… my god it’s like someone read the invisible Christmas wishlist i didn’t know I had.

    • I’m really excited about it. I have known about the actual play for about six weeks or so (whenever it was that we did our guest appearance on the Arcology Podcast), but I actually found out about my invitation about thirty seconds before hitting the record button.

      It sounds like the original concept was going to be much smaller…just a single group…but more and more players ended up joining. I am interested to see how the different stories overlap.

      • Samules

        Yeah, I’ve been a fan of the Arcology for close to two years now (It’s actually how I heard about your show) and I love their actual play series. I’ve noticed that in the last couple months Mr. Johnson has really kicked the complexity and depth of the story up by several notches and I’m excited to see how this project works out.

        I’m also excited to see Haze (Or Carlton I think) GM. He’s always been the member of the group who did the most to push the story in interesting directions, even while leaving the spotlight to others most of the time, and I think that talent will serve him well as a GM.

        • Our guest appearance on the Arcology Podcast definitely seems to have brought some new listeners to Live from Barsaive. We’re glad that you (and others) are finding this helpful and interesting.

          This weekend I’m going to make my character for the actual play, so that should be fun. I’m leaning toward a T’skrang swordmaster, but it’s still not 100% decided.

  • Lou Prosperi

    Another fun episode.

    I may need to check out a couple of episodes of the Earthdawn actual play podcast.

    It was interesting to hear Mr. Johnson talking about “standard” archetypes in Shadowun, that didn’t exist when I played (and wrote for) the game (such as the “Face” archetype and Technomancers). Also interested to hear him say he thinks 5th edition is the “best” (whatever that means) as I’ve heard there is some serious debate about that among the Shadowrun faithful.

    Take Care!

    • I talked to him outside of the podcast about the various editions. I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but if I remember correctly his position was more that he would recommend 5th to new players, partly because there is still new material coming out for it. I’m sure that’s not all there is to it, but I think that was part of it.

      I really want to get into Shadowrun, but I’m still struggling to get through my Earthdawn collection. Not to mention my 1879 Kickstarter stuff will be arriving soon. I also miss playing Deadlands.

      This hobby was easier when I had summer vacations.

    • Eric Mansfield

      Listening to an Actual Play with Josh in it sounds very interesting šŸ˜€

      By the way Lou, if you are curious about Actual Plays (and if Chad doesn’t mind me self promoting a little on his podcast comments!) I am a member of the RPG Squad group Chad mentions in this episode here. We do an Actual Play ourselves, as he mentioned. If you’re interested in checking ours out as well, please leave me a message. I don’t want to be rude and leave links here just right up front.

      • Lou Prosperi

        Hi Eric,
        Thanks for getting in touch! I might just do that.

        I’ve listened to the first few episodes of the “Legends of Earthdawn” actual play, and it’s pretty cool, and it would be interesting to check out another.

        Thanks again!

        • Eric Mansfield

          Sure thing! I can’t seem to find any way to private message you through this website, so I’ll leave the playlist here for you :

          • I don’t mind at all. Although it’s ironic that my spam filter…the one that once flagged Lou as spammy for just talking Earthdawn…doesn’t bat an eye at 3rd party links. šŸ™‚

            I think they may be able to PM people through Disqus itself, but I didn’t enable most of the messaging features on the site when I set it up. Originally, this site was mostly just a place to host my game jam/1 game a month stuff, so I didn’t really need messaging.

            We should probably take another pass at the site design, now that we’re getting more traffic because of LfB.

          • Eric Mansfield

            That is kind of funny!
            A PM ability would be pretty useful to have though, for sure.

  • Telarus, KSC

    Another great show!

    • Thanks. We’re glad that you’re enjoying it.

  • – – (Midaychi)

    It would be neat to see if you could play an earthdawn character within shadowrun. Like, maybe Evo accidentally invents a time machine for just long enough to nab some third or fourth circle mage from ~5xxx B.C. and then loses the time machine and all the data and people that know how to make it and the mage escapes.

    Imagine them watching everyone raw cast in abject horror.

    • That would be fun. I don’t know enough about the Shadowrun rules (ok…I know NOTHING about the Shadowrun rules), but I would think this would definitely work from a story point of view, even if you ended up basically creating the Shadowrun stats from scratch.

      I remember seeing something on Reddit where a guy said that he once had a campaign spanning both games. He said that it was years ago and he didn’t have anything written down and didn’t remember the details though. It’s too bad that the properties ended up going their separate ways. It would be nice to have some official crossover adventures. As far as I know, that never happened.

      I’ve just recently gotten the Player’s Guide and GM Guide for the new 1879 RPG from FASA Games. I’m still reading, but from what I’ve seen so far, it looks like there is a lot of crossover potential there. Not only is 1879 the same world as Earthdawn, but it also uses the step system. From what I have seen so far, the rules system is almost identical.

      On top of that, it looks like it has some cool tie-ins in the story. There is a race of lizard-like people called the Saurids, who seem to be the T’skrang from Earthdawn, living on the other side of a portal to a different world. There is also a race of humans called the Samsut who live there. They are descended from ancient Babylonians who traveled to the other world, which is called the Gruv.

      If the Samsut traveled through a portal, who’s to say Namegivers from the Earthdawn timeline may not have done the same?