Live from Barsaive: Episode 14

Episode 14 Highlights:

  • Final episode of the Serpent River series
  • Magical locations along the Pilgrimage Route
  • The ongoing struggle between House Syrtis and House Ishkarat
  • Boatloads of swordmasters

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  • Lou Prosperi

    Another great episode!

    Looking forward to Parlainth. It’s one of my favorite locations as well. I used it many times when I didn’t have time to prepare something more elaborate. And my players knew that any foray into Parlainth isn’t quite complete without an encounter with a pack of Crojen, or as they would say “Kitties!”

    • Parlainth is a very interesting setting, but I also love how it was a very GM-focused product. It had hundreds of quick little game ideas all through it. Not just the player handouts…that actually exist in the game world…but also the adventure prompts throughout the book.

      It’s basically a toolkit for putting together a game quickly and easily, and I love that. I also like that it’s easier to keep in my head. If you understand the reasoning behind the original function of each part of the city it helps you remember what that section turned into post-Scourge.

      The division of the city into eight parts (well, I guess ten parts, if you count Haven and the Laneways separately) lets me keep it straight in my head. And the description of each section in the book is so to-the-point that if I get fuzzy on details, I can skim a few pages real quick and go improvise some stuff.

      The Parlainth box set is probably the most well thought out gaming product I’ve ever seen.

  • Eric Mansfield

    Speaking of upcoming books from Josh Harrison, I’m really looking forward to the updated stuff for magic items and Talent Knacks. RPG Squad is getting close to qualifying for some Knacks soon!

    • Yeah, that will be cool. You guys have so much more Earthdawn work ethic than we do. Our campaign is just now starting to reach 3rd Circle.

      I believe it’s the 4ed Earthdawn Companion that you’re talking about. That book sounds like it’s going to have some really cool stuff in it, but the part that sounds really interesting to me is the creature “masks” system. Basically it lets you take a creature’s base stats as a starting point but then add modifiers/abilities to them to customize. It sounds like a really fun way to make creature encounters more exciting.

      • Eric Mansfield

        Yeah, I remember masks from your walk with Josh. Sounds very handy for GMs. Sounds like the Companion will be a great book both for us players and for Sloan 😉