Live from Barsaive: Episode 12

Episode 12 Highlights Include:

  • Where on Earth have we been?!?
  • More about the Boatman t’skrang-specific discipline
  • Running games in the seaport city of Urupa
  • Urupa’s heavy defenses
  • Urupa’s school for adepts
  • Dueling embassies

Serpent River sourcebook (ED1)

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  • Lou Prosperi

    Live From Barsaive returns! (or as I like to think of it, Chad and Rachel Talk about Earthdawn).

    Another cool episode.

    Hearing your discussion about Urupa makes me think it that’s high time for a sourcebook on the city and the surrounding area. And if that leads into re-activating the world (i.e restarting the metaplot), all the better! Could the recent instability in Throal lead the People Across the Aras Sea to initiate plans to invade (assuming that’s their intention, of course)? Between Iopos to the north west and Urupa to the south east, Throal could find itself squeezed from both sides.

    Speaking of the People Across the Ara Sea, an interesting thing to consider is that *someone* in Urupa must have been around when they built their “embassy”, and it’s even likely that craftsmen from the area helped in some way. All this to say that there must be people who have at least an inkling of what the inside of the building is like.. and might even know of a way inside…

    • Those are all very cool possibilities.

      Urupa and the Floating City together would also be a great setting for a multi-part adventure book. How cool would it be to start the adventure with the player characters inside Urupa when it is attacked?

      That city has such impressive defenses, it’s almost a waste not to have it under siege.

      It’s amazing, after so many Earthdawn books, how much room there still is for future source material additions. Iopos in particular comes to mind, but I would also love to see a book on Jerris.

      What I really want is a “Ruins of Skypoint” book. Not sure exactly what would go on there (maybe some info in the 4ED GM book I just started reading?) but seems like it could be interesting.

  • Eric Mansfield

    I like the idea of an RPG with a supporting app. A couple of thoughts I had for its uses… though they seem kind of obvious and maybe not helpful , but…. an interactive character sheet is always useful, and sourcebook PDFs perhaps. Maybe the character sheet even has buttons to make rolls next to each stat/skill/spell, and it feeds the results to the GM’s app?

    • Yeah, that’s kind of what I am thinking. Some of the lines between source material, character sheet, and dice mechanics don’t need to be as hard and fast in an app as they would on paper.

      I also want to make a self-generating wiki. Obviously it wouldn’t know everything that happened as far as the story, and the players/GM may want to flesh it out more. But it would be nice if the app generates a rough structure of it as you play.