Live from Barsaive: Episode 10

Episode 10 Highlights:

  • Continuing our series on The Serpent River.
  • T’skrang only Boatman discipline
  • What makes Rachel want to “get all smacky.”
  • How to get kicked out of the floating city of V’strimon on Lake Ban
  • Crazy, drunk, and unreliable Windling messengers.
  • Chatting with Fire Elementals.
  • Lou Prosperi

    More Earthdawn fun!

    It never gets old for me to hear or read stories about Earthdawn games and how much fun people have with the game. It’s been an extremely gratifying experience since my days at FASA.

    I’m looking forward to the last session about the Serpent River. Will we be hearing anything about House Ishkarat or Syrtis (particularly about the destiny of Shivalahala Syrtis)? How about The Pale Ones (or is that better suited to an episode (or episodes) about Throal)?

    In terms of whether or not to include updates from your campaign, I can think of a couple of approaches. The first would be to include a “Campaign Update” segment every few episodes where you spend 10-15 minutes talking about your campaign. The other would be to record dedicated episodes about your campaign, but to keep them shorter than your regular episodes. I think if you keep your campaign updates on the shorter side, the people who don’t want them won’t be so turned off.

    Have you also considered doing episodes focused on specific published adventures? Or at least the published adventures that you’ve run. It might be fun for other groups who have experienced the same adventures to compare notes on how the adventure ran, how certain encounters went, etc. I’d love to hear how some of those original 1E adventures went, but that might just be me.

    Take Care!

    • Good points. I was going to write a full reply but my ISP is down and don’t want to type it all on my phone. I will reply when we’re back up again.

    • We originally planned to make this a four-part series, but once we started recording it became obvious that we would have to cut out too much cool content to make that work, so we decided to do make it six episodes instead.

      The next episode is on Urupa and also a little more info on the Boatman discipline. Then a whole episode on House Syrtis, and then the final episode will be on House Ishkarat and probably some miscellaneous Serpent River/T’sktrang things that didn’t fit into the other episodes.

      We will be talking about Shivalahal Syrtis, but I may put some of that toward the end of the episode with a spoiler alert. I know the material has been out there for a long time, but there are probably some players who have not played through it. Some of the details of that character could be used for some nice surprises.

      We may mention the Pale Ones in passing, but we probably won’t cover them in depth until we do our Throal series.

      I’m not completely ruling out the possibility of doing shows on the published adventures, but I’m a little reluctant to do too many shows where entire segments of listeners would be left out (if they plan on playing it someday).

      One idea we’re kicking around is to have an episode where I talk through the process of designing an adventure. I’d record the first part of the episode without Rachel, and then do a recap with her where we discuss what happened in the game. That may be a more interesting format than just an info dump on what’s going on in our campaign. I think it’s always fun to compare what players actually did with what you thought they were going to do.

      Our immediate goal is to do a four- to six-part series on each of the major First Edition settings. Then we’ll probably get into some of the later books that I don’t own yet. Here and there we will probably touch on some other books. We’ve pulled a little from the Denizens books but would like to get into those more deeply and probably do the same with Adept’s Way.

    • Eric Mansfield

      Speaking of which, RPG Squad has returned back to the premade module we had a terrible attempt at back at the start of the campaign. Forget what its called…. but we had to deliver a box to the Blood Wood, then we nearly got ourselves wiped out XD

      • You guys are Earthdawn content generating machines. I am impressed at how much you have been able to put together.

        I am reading up on Blood Wood now (series coming in the next couple of months or so). I somehow never got around to reading it before now. It looks great, but a little like Twilight Peaks in the way that it is so isolated and unlwelcoming of outsiders. I would not want to have to deliver a package there.

  • Eric Mansfield

    Haha, the players getting obsessed over tiny details and thinking they are more important than they really are? Classic stuff, happens in almost every campaign in any system XD

    • And sometimes I just end up making them important. If players find something interesting, no harm in playing it up.