Now available on the App Store for iPad Pro, iPad and iPad mini !

We are proud to announce the Flibitz are now available for download!

Help the Flibitz fly home through purple portals. Break locks, travel along tracks, and avoid danger! Journey through 4 different zones and 48 levels while an engaging soundtrack keeps you energized! Flibitz will draw you in and you will become addicted to this unique puzzle game.

Download Flibitz on the App Store

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  • Jenny Pugh

    This game is so addictive! In the beginning I was very smug, and “this is too easy!”, but little did I know how quickly the levels would start to get harder. Highly recommended if you like thinking strategic games.

  • Thanks for playing, Jenny. For this beta version we wanted to make levels at both ends of the difficulty spectrum, but we still need to fill in a ton of levels in the middle. The super-simple levels are to teach you how to play (in-game tutorial coming soon), but then it’s right into the deep end of the pool. 🙂

    The final game will have a much more gradual difficulty curve. We’re also planning on having the levels unlock in “zones”. There will probably be 12 levels per zone, and winning 10 of them will unlock the next zone. That way getting stuck on a single level won’t keep you from enjoying the rest of the game.

    In this beta version, you can skip to any level at any time by returning to the title screen. If you get stuck, you can also restart the current level from the settings menu (button in the upper left corner).