Flibitz Update and a New Podcast

I have, yet again failed to update the blog on an even slightly acceptable basis. No excuses, I just didn’t get it done.

But things have been happening.

We released Flibitz in the App Store. Currently it is only available for iPads (all versions), but we have decided to release on additional platforms, including Android, Windows 10, and Mac. We don’t have a specific timeframe for this yet, but it should be relatively soon.

Unfortunately, we will not be releasing Flibitz for iPhone. I have tested it, and it runs on the iPhone, but it’s just not a good experience. Although not a problem on medium and large screens, tapping the correct Flibit is exceptionally difficult on a small screen when two are next to each other. There are various ways to address the issue, but they are basically half-measures. The real solution is to redesign the game itself for a smaller screen. As proud as I am of Flibitz, I have other games to write and other stories to tell.

Our other big announcement…which you may have noticed on the site…is that we have launched a podcast called “Live from Barsaive,” where we delve into the source material for our favorite tapletop RPG, Earthdawn. We are not affiliated with FASA, so the podcast is not an official Earthdawn production, but they have been very helpful and supportive.

If you’re into Earthdawn, please subscribe to the Podcast. If you’re not yet into Earthdawn, please consider giving the podcast a listen so that you can get a taste of this wonderful post-apocalyptic fantasy setting.

We also have some other projects in the works. None of them is far enough along to talk about much, but we’re definitely looking forward to showing you what we’re working on when the time comes.

Download Flibitz on the App Store