Experimental Games

About once per month we like to get wild and crazy—at least by programmer standards—and make small, quirky games just for the fun of it. Then we post them here so you can play for free. And we mean FREE, not “free, as long as you constantly pay us ninety-nine cents and allow us to hijack your social media feeds so we can spam all of your friends”.

Glowing Keyboard

Many of these games were created by one person in less than 48 hours, although some took a bit longer. Some were entered into game jams like Ludum Dare. Some were submitted to One Game a Month, a great website that challenges game developers to spend a full year creating one new game per month.

All of them are at least a little rough around the edges. But then again, so is life. Am I right?

Each game’s page has a submission form for comments. Please let us know what you love and hate about them. Also make sure to read the sidebar for some riveting details about browser compatibility.

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