Did I Fall Off the Face of the Earth or Something?

No. I did not.

But since I have not written a game, or even a blog post, since completing #1GAM back in February, I thought I should post something that serves two purposes: offering flimsy excuses for my absence, and letting you know what we’ve got coming up.

In the flimsy excuse department, we have been moving. That by itself tends to be a major pain, but this hasn’t been any normal move. Oh, no! It is a move that was preceded by a months-long process of trying to hold the deal together so we could close on the house (actually, the first deal did fall apart, and the second one was hours away from doing the same).

As a result, my wife Rachel and I began the moving process already being stressed out and emotionally drained. The actual move has gone fairly well, but it is taking longer than expected (as I expected it would, somewhat paradoxically). So currently our plan is to, as rapidly as possible, finish settling in to the new house/home office and then to get back to game dev.

If all goes as planned (and when does life not go as planned, huh?) I should be back to game dev in about mid June. Rachel has a few more things to wrap up, but then she will be joining me a month or so after that, heading up our marketing efforts.

So just a little preview of what’s planned:

  • TOP PRIORITY: Finishing Flibitz, our first commercial release
  • Creating and releasing (for free) part two of Journey to the Center of the Sun
  • Blogging on a regular basis, including launching a YouTube channel
  • Participating in more game jams, although probably just a few per year

I’m really looking forward to getting back to being a person who makes things. In the meantime, I have some boxes to unpack.