Brief Live from Barsaive Hiatus and a Few Announcements

Greetings, fellow Barsavians! Wow, that looks even geekier on my screen than it sounded in my head.

Taking a Very Short Break

Due to some situations beyond our control, we will need to take a couple of weeks off from the podcast. It’s nothing too major and should be very temporary, but I wanted to make sure we announced it ahead of time.

We will be releasing an episode on Wednesday, March 8, then taking two weeks off. The next episode after the break will be Wednesday, March 29. The plan is to resume our normal weekly schedule at that time. If any of this changes, I will do another blog post here and also mention it on social media.

Cool Things Ahead for #LfBPodcast

Now for the announcements. The exact order of these episodes is not set in stone, but here’s what’s coming up.

Extreme Modding

The March 8 episode is an interesting one. We recorded an interview with Rachel’s brother, Everett. Over the course of several years he spent about 2,000 hours (yes, thousands, not hundreds) creating his own version of Earthdawn, heavily modding the rules and the setting.

This episode was recorded before we began our effort to make the podcast more focused. I think it’s a fun listen, but it is very loose and meandering.

We ended up getting into about ten minutes of discussion about other games we play, including Magic the Gathering, Eldritch Horror, Elder Sign, and Mansions of Madness. We hope you like it, but if it’s not exactly your cup of whatever caffeinated beverage you prefer, you can safely skip the rest of the episode without missing any Earthdawn info.

This is not a permanent change of direction for the podcast. When we resume we will be back to our normal format.

Interview with Lou Prosperi

Lou Prosperi, a developer on first edition Earthdawn, will be joining us on Live from Barsaive. Lou is also the author of The Imagineering Pyramid, a book about using the design concepts behind the Disney theme parks to improve and promote your own creative ideas. Lou mentions his Earthdawn development experience in the book.

Interview with Mr. Johnson of the Arcology Podcast

As many of you probably know, Earthdawn was originally designed to be in the same game universe as Shadowrun, with Shadowrun being set thousands of years later. Unfortunately, the ties between the games have been greatly reduced in recent years due to Shadowrun and Earthdawn now being owned by separate companies.

Recently we were invited to discuss Earthdawn on The Arcology Podcast. We’re excited to announce that Mr. Johnson has accepted our invitation to join us on Live from Barsaive to talk about Shadowrun. Despite spending the last twenty years saying, “Someday I want to play Shadowrun,” regretfully I know very little about it. I am definitely looking forward to hearing what Mr. Johnson has to say.

Finishing the Serpent River Series

You may have noticed that our Serpent River episodes were originally marked (… of 4) but are now marked (… of 6). I tried to cram it all into four episodes and just couldn’t do it. There is WAY too much amazing content. When we return, finishing this series will be a very high priority.

Next Stop: Parlainth!!!

The next major setting we will explore is my absolute favorite: Parlainth: The Forgotten City. The City of Parlainth was a pre-Scourge symbol of Theran might and influence. Rather than attempting to deal with the oncoming Scourge in more conventional ways, Theran magicians cast a powerful spell that transported the city out of the physical plane and into its own dimension. The spell also removed every memory of (and even written reference to) the city.

The spell worked perfectly, but it was too late. The Horrors had already infiltrated the city. Parlainth has now been returned to the physical world, and the ruins are one of the most dangerous…and potentially profitable… areas of Barsaive.

A Little Experiment

Some of you have asked to hear more about the campaign that Rachel and I are running. Some have also asked to hear more examples of how to use the source material in a real game. We have decided to merge those two concepts together.

Coincidentally, our next game session will take place in the Mid Reach of the Serpent River. Prior to playing the game, I will record half of an episode (without Rachel) where I talk about the design of the adventure. The second half of the episode will be a recap (with Rachel) of what happend when we actually played.

Most likely this episode will be released somewhere after the end of the Serpent River series but before we start Parlainth. If the response is positive, this may become a recurring type of episode.


Thanks for supporting the podcast and for reading this update. We’re truly sorry about the break, but we’ll be back very soon. If you miss us, please feel free to listen to the infamous Kevin Costner episode repeatedly until we return.