Postmortem: Journey to the Center of the Sun

I had a lot of fun making “Journey to the Center of the Sun.” The current theme is “Solar”. For some reason, that made me think of a guy hopping into a rocket and flying it into the sun. Because of this strange concept, I decided that some weird, …

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I Love/Hate Side Projects (and so should you)

Journey to the Center of the Sun

Side projects—they’re my best friends and worst enemies. Side projects give me opportunity to experiment, to explore, and to remember why I wanted to write games in the first place. They let me play around with wacky dialog and bizarre art styles without ever giving a second thought to whether …

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My Shiny New Blog

Hi. I’m Chad. I’m half of an indie game company called Lava Monkey Games…the scruffy looking, baldheaded half, that is. The other half (my wife, Rachel), has much more hair than I do and absolutely no beard whatsoever. I’m in charge of game design, coding, art, sound, and coffee consumption. …

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