Live from Barsaive: Episode 9

Episode 9 Highlights:

  • Lots of detail about the soon-to-be-released source book on the City of Travar
  • Info about the upcoming 4th Edition Earthdawn Companion: High-circle talents, alchemy, creature “masks” system, and much more
  • Other upcoming source books: “Questors and Passions” and “Elven Nations”
  • How to submit adventures and source books to FASA to be considered for publication

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  • Lou Prosperi

    Another cool episode!

    Interesting to hear about the upcoming books. I have some minor quibbles about a couple of things mentioned about the Elven Nations but, but those are based on vague ideas we had for the Elven lands back in the FASA days (things I think that Tom Dowd and I discussed but that we never even wrote down).

    The creature “masks” system sounds interesting. I expect it will be a helpful tool for GMs to keep things dynamic.

    I loved the reference to Tolkien’s “Distant Mountains”. It’s a great world-building tool that we used in all of FASA’s games. (There are references to this in descriptions of Forced Perspective in THE IMAGINEERING PYRAMID, and specifically around their use in RPG design).

    And for the record, I harbor absolutely no ill will towards Josh. I think the game is in good hands with him at the helm. As he said, I don’t agree with some (many?) of the changes in 4E, but that’s just me. If the changes improve the game experience for players and GMs, it’s all good.

    Looking forward to the next episode and the return to the Serpent River!

    • When I first misunderstood that Twitter interaction with you and Josh, he was very quick to correct me and has had nothing but good things to say about you. I just brought it up on the podcast because it was kind of a funny story.

      I’m still working my way through The Imagineering Pyramid. It’s taking me a while because I’m also studying a lot of programming stuff…not to mention the mountain of Earthdawn material that is constantly calling my name. I’m planning to read some more this weekend.

      By the way, we would love to have you on the podcast whenever you’re available. We’re planning to do interviews at the start and end of each series. (We released Josh’s in the middle because Travar is relevant to our Serpent River series.)

      If you’re still interested, feel free to email me or DM me on Twitter so we can work out the scheduling details.

  • Eric Mansfield

    I’m quite interested to hear about possible upcoming Disciplines, and the reworked Shaman. Always found them to be an interesting concept.

    • I am hoping to see “Windling Accountant,” though I’m not going to hold my breath. 🙂

      Shaman did look interesting, but it has been a while since I read the details. My impression was that they may be a little difficult to work into a campaign, though I can’t remember the specifics of why I thought that.

      There is also the possibility that I am mixing them up with the shaman in Deadlands. I have tried to cram too much RPG info into my head over the years, so some of it is a little fuzzy.

      • Eric Mansfield

        Well, there used to be Dwarven Scholar, so that’s close to an accountant 😉

        The Shaman was a mix of the other 4 spellcasters, and they learned spells from nature, and attuned them into fetish items.

        • Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure my “hard to work into a campaign” memory was of the Deadlands shaman (or may have been called something slightly different). They completely despised any use of technology, so it wouldn’t really make sense to have them in a party with Mad Scientists, or even people using firearms.